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Arthana Nava

Mindset Coach

Coaching for individuals who feel 'Stuck'. I can help you shift your patterns and thoughts, guiding you to clarity about the path ahead.

Allow me to be your vessel  for change.

Invest in your Self.

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'How we perceive our internal world and the outer world set's how we live our lives.
Our state of mind is very important, make sure yours is right for you'

Arthana Nava


Mindset Coach

About Arthana Nava

Arthana has been working with individuals in a therapeutic capacity since 2017. She holds a degree in Psychology and a Certificate in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. 

She has a wealth of knowledge and this has enabled her to help others change and improve their experience of Life. 

The desire to work with a wider audience is what attracted her to the Coaching profession.

Arthana's values are :



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