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Let's Change Together.

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 I help people face their trauma, find themselves and then their purpose.

Let's kickstart your self-awareness journey!

Tropical Leaves

About Arthana Nava

As a South Asian Woman from London you can imagine how I have experienced cultural differences, stereotypes and discriminations throughout my life and it is something that I have had to face and conquer, it's easy to blame ourselves and think that there is something 'wrong with me'  when really it's the unfortunate realities of society that make us feel as if we are abnormal if we do not conform.

Coming from a culture where mental health is not a 'thing' and the only important thing in life is education, a good job and then getting married, boy have I had a journey in finding what is important to me and not what others tell me is important  - I like to call it Soul Searching.

Finding yourself is a beautiful thing to do and very important, what's even more beautiful is that with doing so you find your Passion, your Purpose and your Power.

It all starts with reflection leading to self-awareness (which isn't easy), then we can choose to change and/or to accept ourselves, which leads to higher self-esteem,  self-worth and self-love.

I come in at the reflection stage, right at the beginning, helping you to kickstart your self-awareness journey, providing that safe space for you.

I have worked in the NHS and in private healthcare for over six years using Psychological and Psychotherapeutic tools and practices.


I specialise in childhood trauma, generational trauma, toxic relationships and South Asian cultural issues.

You are not alone.

Sagina, Legal profession

Life coaching has really helped me  identify myself as a person and accept myself as a human. 

Arthana Nava managed to understand and identify all the underlying issues.

Sharleen, Recruiter

 It made me aware of my core values and purpose in life.

Having been through therapy,I would highly recommend Arthana’s coaching to anyone that felt therapy didn’t help them find solutions.

Iline, Doctor

The sessions helped me look at things in a different perspective.

  It pushed me to look deeper into situations I thought were done.

Sometimes looking deeper is needed to clean up. 

Knowing your strengths, develops your sense of self.

As humans we have evolved to be on 'look out' mode, constantly analysing. This is where flight or fight comes from. We are designed to worry, to be cautious and this leads us to focus on the negatives. 

We end up doing this to ourselves as well. 

No more I say, click below to find your strengths and increase your confidence.

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