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White Sands


Reviews by my clients

Sagina, Legal Profession


Life Coaching has really helped me identify my feelings, my relationships and myself as a person.

I was trying to achieve things for the sake of doing them which resulted in me doing them with hatred.

Life coaching has enabled me to accept myself as a human, understand my feelings and emotions and also my responsibilities.

It allowed me to attempt tasks in a passionate manner, build a routine, accept circumstances, be okay with obstacles and try different approaches in my life.

Arthana Nava managed to understand and identify all these underlying issues.

Sharleen, Recruiter

 Arthana Nava always made me feel comfortable and allowed me to open up things within me, that I didn’t know existed. 

I found her coaching sessions extremely helpful as it made me aware of my core values and purpose in life. 

This then led on to be excelling in my career and building atomic habits. I’m eternally grateful to Arthana for making me believe in myself again and helping me obtain the power within. 

Having been through therapy,I would highly recommend Arthana’s coaching to anyone that felt therapy didn’t help them find solutions.

Iline, Doctor

Arthana Nava was super open, already in the “getting to know” session, she asked questions that made me think.

There was a lot of work on the past, which made me think of the details and the cracks in my relationship. It helped me look at it in a different perspective.

  She has a calm way of listening and giving space.

She isn’t afraid to try out new waters and leave her comfort zone as she did with me and she did it in a supportive and consensual way. The sessions with Arthana pushed me to look deeper into situations I thought were done. Sometimes looking deeper is needed to clean up. 

Sand Dunes

Verity, Wellness Professional

My utmost gratitude and respect for this woman.

I started the session anxious and in a chaotic headspace but Arthana waited for me and breathed through my anxiety with me. I appreciated this so much.

She was super patient and understanding. She kept things REAL and related to me in a very beautiful way.

My problems were quite complex but she was able to narrow it down to the root of cause. 

She beautifully brought out my own insights and ideas which i needed to untangle myself from being stuck. She also did a good job of making me aware of my traits that I didn't really acknowledge until i had this chance to look within.

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